AAVIP a project of the Colorado Black Women for Political Action


The African-American Voter Registration and Information Project (“AAVIP”) ensures the maximum participation of African-Americans in Colorado’s political process through systematic identification, registration, and education of eligible African-American voters.


AAVIP is a non-profit, non-partisan project of the Colorado Black Women for Political Action. It is dedicated to the political empowerment and civic engagement of the African-American Community.  AAVIP has been serving the African-American Community since April of 2004 and has continually collaborated with numerous community organizations and individuals to achieve our mission.  AAVIP is guided by an Executive Committee that oversees program planning on behalf of the Colorado Black Women Endowment Fund.

AAVIP’s first Director was contracted in June of 2004 to implement the goals of increasing voter registration, improving voter outreach, and enhancing the  education and mobilization of voters in the African-American community for the August and November 2004 Elections.  In 2005, the AAVIP continued to increase its presence in the public policy arena by participating in meetings with the Secretary of State and Denver Election Commission.

Additionally, AAVIP participated in both state and national conferences to address election reform in communities of color.  Since 2006, AAVIP has continued voter registration and education outreach in the community with intensive focus on the registration of eligible high-school students, collaboration with partner organizations, ballot forums, and ballot guides.

We do not support, or oppose, political candidates.”

In General, There Are Three Ways to Vote in Colorado

1) Vote Early

2) Vote By Mail*

3) Vote at the Polls

**Your ballot can be mailed to your County Clerk’s Election Division or taken to the polls on Election day.