AAVIP Events

February 2008

February. 5: The so-called “National Primary”: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and several other states will combine to either produce an instant nominee or force open conventions in both major parties. Pennsylvania is in the process of moving up the date of their primaries, and Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island are also considering moving their primaries to this date.

  • February 9: Louisiana primary
  • February 12: D.C., Maryland, Virginia primaries
  • February 19: Washington, Wisconsin primaries
  • February 24: Puerto Rico primary

March 2008
March 4: The original Super Tuesday: Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas and Vermont primaries
March 11: Mississippi primary

April 2008
April 1: Pennsylvania primary, subject to change by pending legislation in the Pennsylvania Assembly which would move the primary
to Feb. 5.

May 2008
May 6: Indiana primary
May 13: Nebraska, West Virginia primaries
May 20: Kentucky, Oregon primaries
May 23 to May 26: The 2008 Libertarian National Convention will be held at Adam’s Mark Hotel in Denver, the same city as the very first convention in 1972. The party’s 2008 presidential candidate will be chosen.
May 27: Idaho primary

June 2008
June 3: Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota primaries
June 6: Mountain Region Black Economic Summit
June 6: Last day to hold minor party assemblies

July 2008
July 14: Last day to register to voter for the primary elections; Mail-In ballots mailed out

August 2008
August 4-8: Early voting
August 5: Last day to request mail-in ballot
August 12: Primary Elections
August 25-28: The 2008 Democratic National Convention convenes in Denver

September 2008
September 1: The 2008 Republican National Convention convenes in St. Paul, Minn.
September: First Presidential Debate

October 2008
October 6: Last day to register to vote in the general election; Mail-In Ballots mailed out
October 20-31: Early voting
October 28: Last day to request mail-in ballot
October: Vice Presidential Debate
October: Second Presidential Debate
October: Third Presidential Debate

November 2008
November 4: Election Day

December 2008
December 15: Electoral college casts official votes for president and vice president; each state’s electors meet in the state capital

January 2009
January 5: The vice president counts the electoral votes, formally ending the election process
January 20: The inauguration of the 44th president and vice president of the United States